Zoltan playing on the Latest lifsigns album 

Zoltan  playing drums on the new  Peter Lazar album

New recording with David Cross from King Crimson and Peter Lazar

zoltan is now the new member of the band Lifesigns 
Recording the  Lifesigns album Altitude IN 2020 

New recording with Hannah Svensson - Places and dreams


New recording with Kalman Cseki trio - Awakening 

New recording with Peter Lazar -   Place du martyr - Timecode Alpha

Zoltan's  is  Porter and Davies endorser.

 New recording session with  Ulf Radelius and David Leibman  

New recording session with danish artist  Zacharias william Celinder 

Zoltan´s  new recording session with famous hungarian singer Viktor Tamás Aczél. 

Zoltan´s latest recording sessions

THE RED FLOWER is a rare video contains from TFK private film archives, this is a raw shot with the film camera. The film is edited by Zoltan Csörsz in 2003
Footage of the official TFK Bootleg 'Live in New York'
The tour bus, fun, jokes and other crazy stuff
Nearfest 2003 TFK performance
New Jersey 2003 Fan Club convention
Total insanity from the Holland 2002 Fan Club convention
Jamming on stage, rehearsing in San Francisco, at the hotel


Zoltan´s drum school opens 2018 january 15 

The school features full courses in hand and foot technique, groove/swing playing/
time keeping/ and plenty more. 


- 1 moth:  35 EUR includes 3 video clips  
- 1 Year :  300 EUR includes 36 video clips   " save up to 70 EUR" 

 Lessons with Zoltan 1 on 1 private  (1 hour ) by way of webcam. 70€

Zoltan`s  debut solo album "Escape from the Past" will be released in 2018